Rely on our environmentally safer polymeric sand that leaves our competitors in the dust

Accel dust-preventing polymeric sand, with Prevent® technology, minimizes on-site dust and haze up to 90% compared with traditional polymeric sand.

You can rely on our latest innovation to improve on-site air quality with an engineered, environmentally safer sand formula for concrete, flagstone, pavers, and natural stones.

Create a durable yet flexible joint

The key to the durability of Accel is improved chemistry, developed during a comprehensive R&D project led by our senior chemists, that creates a strong yet flexible bond with the joint. When wetted, cement bonds with the polymer and after curing, proprietary polymer technology ensures ideal, rubber-like flexibility.

Joint TypeTraditional, false and irregular
Joint Widthfrom 1/8” to up to 1/2” wide
Bag Size50 lb (22.7 kg)
CoverageNarrow joints: approximately 20-80 ft2
ColorsSaddle tan and Shadow Grey
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