polymeric paver sand in grey and tan






ACCEL polymeric sand does more than just create strong joints between pavers, bricks, flagstone, and other materials. Our paver sand helps prevent weed growth, bug infestations, and erosion over time creating a lasting result saving you time year after year. Polymeric sand also out-performs fine sand or other paving fillers in key areas including erosion due to harsh weather, weeds, insects, and creates strong joint strength between pavers.

The reason polymeric sand remains strong over time in comparison to fine sand or regular paver sand is because of the special mixture of additive particles used in our ACCEL products. Our formula reacts to water and creates a powerful bond with concrete and stone materials so that your paver joints remain strong and flexible.

Our ACCEL polymeric sand begins to bond with the cement, and our exclusive formula does the rest. After curing, a strong and flexible joint prevents stress-cracking even in extreme weather conditions, deters insects, and prevents weed growth. Our polymeric paver sand also comes in the two classic colors of beige and grey to go with all different design and color choices.

Faster, easier cleanup

With up to 90% less dust and haze compared to traditional paver sand, you’ll appreciate the faster, easier cleanup which means more weekend time hanging out with family and friends. Everything looks great and functions great just as you expected so you can admire your project for years to come.


Pavers you’ll be proud to show off

ACCEL­­ dust-preventing polymeric sand creates pavers your family will admire for years to come. Your neighbors may even ask “Who installed the pavers?” You’ll be proud to say, “I did.”

We created ACCEL polymeric sand with you in mind. You can knock out this DIY project quickly and admire your work. Simply install the pavers, get rid of excess sand, and spray down with water. Your job is done.

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Joint TypeTraditional, false and irregular
Joint Widthfrom 1/8” to up to 1/2” wide
Bag Size40 lbs (18.1 kg)
CoverageNarrow joints: approximately 40 sq ft
ColorsSaddle Tan and Shadow Grey
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